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gimbal components

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Bring us your jobs that other shops may "No Bid".

 We specialize in:

    Complex components and assemblies, requiring mill or mill and lathe


 Why Y-Tec?

Why  Y-Tec?  Large company capablities,  small company personalized service and pricing.

    Unique "Engineering Hooks"
    Critical or tight tolerances
    Exotic or unusual materials
   Management of multiple subs under a single purchase order
   Cost reduction issues

  Serving the commercial aerospace, defense aerospace, and commercial non-aerospace industries
  Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) allows elimination of set-up on repeat orders and unmanned or "lights out" manufacturing
  A knowledge of and adherence to lean manufacturing principles
  Inspection utilizing state of the art Zeiss CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine)
  A commitment to continuous process improvement.

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