Y-Tec Manufacturing

Company Information

Y-Tec is a woman-owned machine shop located in Carson, California. Established in 1977, we offer over 25 years of successful machining experience and an ongoing commitment to the most up-to-date technology.

We service the defense industry, commercial accounts, and commercial aerospace. Amongst our current customers are Raytheon, Lockheed, Parker Hannifin, BAE Systems, Applied Materials, Agilent, and Novellus.

We offer a state of the art, 7000 square foot manufacturing facility, utilizing FMS Technology. Our core competency is in the lean manufacture of complex components and assemblies that fit in a 30 inch cube, require the use of our Zeiss CMM, and, typically have some type of engineering challenge.

To support our modernization and continuous quality improvement programs, we re-located in August 2002 from the Silicon Valley area to Southern California. We now have the advantages of an expanded labor pool of highly skilled and motivated personnel, and reduced operating costs.

We are currently involved in an aggressive modernization program and committed to the flexible manufacturing (FMS) concept. Our FMS cell allows set-up reduction / elimination on repeat projects. Combining this manufacturing philosophy with our state of the art Zeiss CMM inspection equipment offers long term value to our loyal customers.

We respect your loyalty to your current suppliers who are performing to your standards. If, however, your supply chain has weak links which you are contemplating replacing, we would appreciate your consideration. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.



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