FMS Technology

The FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System), as employed at Y-Tec, consists of:

  • Horizontal CNC Mill(s)
  • Pallet stocking system
  • Load station at which the material to be machined is loaded onto the pallet / fixture
  • RGV (rail guided vehicle) to transport pallets between the stocking system, load station, and machine tool
  • Cell controller / computer system to operate, prioritize and coordinate the activities of the system

The advantage offered by the FMS is the total elimination of set up time (waste) from repeat requirements for items. The product is set up and proven out one time only with fixture, tooling and programs remaining in the system and awaiting additional demands.

Cost, and hence pricing, become much less dependent upon lot sizes. Reduction in lead time and cost is the natural product of this elimination of waste from the manufacturing process.


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